This year has been quite the memorable experience and year – with COVID, the election, getting married, and buying a house. I am not sure about anyone else, but this year certainly flew by. It is pretty crazy that January is next week! When reflecting on New Years resolutions and what the next year will bring, my husband and I got to thinking about our love of food and traveling. While we can’t travel right now (because of Covid), we decided to bring the food traveling into our kitchen.

We have been together almost 9 years and cooking has been something that we have loved to do since the beginning. Starting in our little apartment, we found new ways to bring food to life and explore different cultures through recipes and learning from others. We came up with this amazing idea to research authentic recipes from different countries and really understand not only the history of the region but also the everyday foods they enjoy. I then decided to blog about our adventures to document what we have learned along the way, alterations to recipes (if we can’t find all of the exact ingredients), and share some great recipes too.

Check out our first adventure with Sunday Gravy where we follow Gennaro Contaldo’s authentic recipe!

2 thoughts on ““K &M Kitchen Adventures” Blog is Born

    1. We are really excited to document all of our food! Already doing it via Instagram, just amping up the documentation 🙂

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