Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I hope you are all getting excited for the game but more importantly the food. This year is certainly different – no huge parties with the dozens of appetizers plus the main course. I certainly won’t miss pretending that I like football. Now, I can jump right into the delicious food.

What says Super Bowl Sunday like wings? We, of course, couldn’t get wings since we decided to make something today at the last minute. However we did get bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs and I am super excited to enjoy some grilled chicken with a variety of flavors. For today, we made an assortment of different styles, using two different dry rubs and a homemade BBQ sauce found in Bon Appetit. Of course, depending on what you like, you can always use different rubs or a BBQ sauce of your choosing.


  • 2.5 pounds Bone-in Skin-on Chicken thighs
  • 2 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
  • 3 garlic cloves, crushed
  • 6 Tbsp. double-concentrated tomato paste
  • ½  cup pure maple syrup
  • ¼ cup soy sauce
  • ¼ cup Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 Tbsp. unseasoned rice vinegar
  • 4 tsp. Sriracha or other hot sauce
  • Vegetable oil (for grill)
  • Garlic Jalapeno Rub
  • Fire Dancer BBQ Chicken Rub
  • Salt and Pepper

BBQ Sauce

Heat olive oil in a small saucepan over medium until hot. Cook garlic, turning occasionally, until golden brown all over, 4–5 minutes. Add tomato paste and cook, stirring constantly and scraping bottom of pot, until paste darkens, 3–4 minutes. Add maple syrup, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, and Sriracha. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to medium-low and simmer to let flavors meld, about 1 minute. Remove from heat. Transfer about half of barbecue sauce to a heatproof bowl; reserve for serving.


Take the chicken out and pat all the pieces dry, making sure that there is no moisture left (this helps the chicken brown).

Add the “Fire Dancer BBQ” rub generously onto two chicken thighs, making sure all sides are covered.

Add the “Garlic Jalapeno Rub” rub generously onto two chicken thighs, making sure all sides are covered.

Set up grill for two-zone cooking (if using a Traeger, as we did, heat to 500°, with GrillGrates on bottom rack, and middle rack also in place). Place thighs skin-side down, directly over direct heat (or GrillGrates, if using) and grill for about 5 minutes, or until deep grill marks develop. Rotate 45° and grill for 5 minute more. Next, flip thighs skin-side up and place over indirect heat (on a Traeger, move to middle rack and reduce heat to 375). Baste non-dry-rub thighs with BBQ sauce. Grill until an instant-read thermometer inserted into thickest part registers 180-185°, 18–25 minutes depending on size, basting BBQ sauce thighs another time or two during this time.

Transfer chicken to a platter. Serve with reserved sauce alongside.

We hope you enjoyed our lasted blog post. Please leave comments and likes! We would love to hear if you tried any of the recipes and anything you learned along the away.

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